Employee Engagement

5 Ideas for a Stronger Company Culture

5 Ways to Engage Employees A solid foundation for any successful company culture is an energetic workforce. Companies, sadly, are not even coming close to meeting expectations. Improving productivity, profits, and overall company success all depend on an engaged workforce. Therefore, how can you foster a healthy culture within your company? In order to boost productivity, morale, and corporate culture, consider these five approaches to employee engagement. 1. Boost Internal Communication Miscommunication is the root cause of nearly half of all workplace issues. Employees are becoming frustrated and disengaged when they are unable to have their questions or concerns answered 5 Ideas for a Stronger Company Culture

What Are Your Choices for the Best Digital Employee Engagement Platform?

After years of turbulence, the role of employee engagement software in achieving long-term business success is indisputable. Thanks to the rise of hybrid and remote working, organizations of all sizes can now draw from a larger talent pool and provide staff members with desirable flexible work arrangements. To enjoy the productivity and performance benefits that come with an engaged workforce, you must invest in software tools and a modern intranet platform to sustain high employee morale and optimize engagement. Reports from Buffer’s State of Remote Work show that communication issues and isolation are two of the most prominent challenges remote What Are Your Choices for the Best Digital Employee Engagement Platform?

5 Ways To Boost Employee Engagement With An Enterprise Intranet

Using an enterprise intranet to boost employee engagement in your workplace can have a significant impact on the business at every level, in addition to employee happiness. The Impact of Poor Employee Engagement Poor employee engagement can result in a variety of problems that spread far and wide. Improved employee engagement results in lower employee turnover, increased customer satisfaction, higher productivity, and improved customer satisfaction. Ultimately, higher productivity and customer satisfaction lead to higher sales and more customers. On the other hand, poor employee engagement leads to feelings of disenfranchisement, loneliness, frustration, and general negativity. Staff turnover is higher in 5 Ways To Boost Employee Engagement With An Enterprise Intranet

Top 3 Social and Engagement Features your Intranet Needs.

When it comes to Company Intranet, things have changed a lot. A company intranet is now an important part of internal communications and creates a forum for employees to link. Leadership no longer shouts into the void without any employee response or engagement. An intranet is a digital version of your company’s physical space, where teams can meet and collaborate. An intranet should serve as a digital picture of your real-world office, house important materials, and be a place where teams can connect. Achieving all these objectives is difficult; your intranet should enable employees to interact, collaborate, and obtain the Top 3 Social and Engagement Features your Intranet Needs.

10 Top Companies That Successfully Engage Employees Through Intranet

10 Top Companies That Successfully Engage Employees Through Intranet

Companies that are industry trendsetters did not achieve success overnight. They needed to put together winning groups. Employee involvement comes into play in this situation. How do you build an efficient employee engagement system? We looked at ten different companies and opened with a few questions. The first question was which businesses have been successful in engaging their employees across industry sectors and businesses? The second question is, what tools and approaches do these organizations utilize to engage their employees? Let’s look at the top ten employee engagement organizations and the technologies they utilize for internal communication. 1. Microsoft Microsoft 10 Top Companies That Successfully Engage Employees Through Intranet

The Covid pandemic acted as a catalyst in prompting businesses to pivot to remote working, leading to the concept of employee experience being catapulted into the limelight. This sudden shift to remote working has had both positive and negative effects. While some businesses were able to remain operational, many employees were facing high levels of stress and burnout due to the changed circumstances. Creative Social Intranet advocates the usage of employee experience software to track a variety of employee-centric metrics.
Creative Social Intranet has found that acknowledging the importance of marking an occasion to express gratitude to another individual helps make moments unforgettable, giving depth to our day-to-day lives. Imagine our mental state is likened to a battery – it could be full, totally exhausted, or somewhere in between. When your battery is full, you’re more likely to make sound decisions, deal with challenging people, pay attention and concentrate more easily, and feel emboldened and assured.
Social networks can provide a better way for companies to communicate and collaborate. With traditional emails, there is often an overload of messages that employees need to sift through, making it hard to find important information quickly. Additionally, when someone leaves the organization, the valuable knowledge locked in their emails could be lost forever. Social networking software helps businesses overcome these issues by ensuring that key data isn’t forgotten. By using this method, organizations are better able to stay connected and on top of their operations.