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Operating Model for the Next Gen People Function

Bringing certain changes within the business organisation is necessary to be on a path developmental as well as operational change. In order to fulfil, ever evolving customer’s requirements, revenue and total investment, it is necessary to do some modifications into overall operational model. The changes could be depending upon a new advanced technology, integrating the efforts of […]

The Future of Work Human Innovations Or System Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is penetrating every major industry from healthcare to advertising and from transportation to finance as well as legal and education, and now it is also entering inside the workplace. Many of us may have already interacted with a chat-bot which is an automated yet personalised conversation between software and a human user. Whether […]

Incentive & Recognition Programs: Bridging the Disconnect between Design and Impact

Motivating and recognising your employees’ contribution in the overall growth of your business is really important to the development of a company. An appreciation or an award/reward for the employee creates an effective and positive working environment as well as enhancing the employee’s sense of accomplishment, contribution, involvement, and job satisfaction – all of which […]

Data Mining & Scraping – Where do you stop when assessing the candidates?

Data Mining: Data mining is basically the process of automatically searching large amounts of information and data for patterns. This means that you already have the information and what you really need to do is analyse the contents to find the useful things you need. This is very different from screen scraping as screen scraping […]