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A Roadmap for leveraging AI & Automation for superior performance

AI & HR: AI better known as Artificial Intelligence has found a place for itself in both emerging as well as established sectors, HRM being one of them. The HR function as a whole has witnessed a gigantic transformation as far as activities like recruitment, selection, training and assessment are concerned. In order to achieve […]

The Social Employee Directory On Your Corporate Intranet

Employee Directory in Creative Social Intranet is designed and developed to be used in company intranet to improve internal and external communication. Putting spotlight on individuals or teams Recognising an employee or a group of employees who make significant contributions to your organisation improves productivity at workplace. Employee directory helps you display individuals or teams […]

Communication Network for Inter Office Communication

In the modern business world where technologies have taken the front seat in an organisation, collaboration of employees becomes necessary to make communication possible between them without affecting their productivity. Inter-office communication is also necessary to promote healthy workplace environment.

Intranet In Hospitality: How It Encourages Communication

Internal communication as well as an effective talk with guests is a key in the hospitality industry. In addition to traditional methods, there are various types of advanced technologies that have been assisting a hotel’s staff in carrying out their operations and maintaining an impressive internal communication. Like other industries, intranet has been helping the […]