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Delivering a Connected Employee Experience

At the end of the day, Employee experience is of extreme importance for the organisations success. According to a survey conducted by The Future Workplace, the majority of employers (83%) said the employee experience is important or very important for organisational success. Yet, many companies do not spend dedicated time or resources making sure their […]

Out Thinking Workforce Experience – A Practical Take

The business landscape is constantly evolving and we may see a change in coming years. Every business works on a diversified approach and if we are able to manage that effectively we can create innovation as well as serve our customers effectively and gain competitive advantage. If a company plans on bringing this change then […]

The Promise of Work Tech

Technology is at the forefront of every business and everyone wants to implement the best technology for optimum results, but while this is one side of the story the other side states that not everyone can implement it right and thus end up on a losing end. Many activities that workers carry out today have […]

The HR Technology Market in Disruption – What is Coming Next??

What does the HR Technology Market have in store? HR, which is a human function, made it a point to rely heavily on human factors in order to achieve an organization’s HR objectives. However, with technological transformation being the need of the hour, it became somewhat necessary to amalgamate the many HR activities with the […]