Big Data

The Promise of Work Tech

Technology is at the forefront of every business and everyone wants to implement the best technology for optimum results, but while this is one side

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Custom Intranet Solutions – How does INNOVATION really look like?

What is Innovation? Innovation is the process of modernizing and upgrading the existing techniques and processes that complete an organization. A good amount of research

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99 Shades of AI – The Talent Version

AI better known as Artificial Intelligence has started contributing massively to the HR function. The most recent involvement has been towards talent acquisition and management.

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Innovate, Be an Early Adopter or Perish

In order to stay in the game, innovation has become a must. This fact holds relevance with regards to the stream of HR as well.

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The HR Technology Market in Disruption – What is Coming Next??

What does the HR Technology Market have in store? HR, which is a human function, made it a point to rely heavily on human factors

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A Roadmap for leveraging AI & Automation for superior performance

AI & HR: AI better known as Artificial Intelligence has found a place for itself in both emerging as well as established sectors, HRM being

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Masterclass – Is everyone meant to be a people leader?

Getting promoted at work is generally happens due to improved performance, managerial tactics, better client handling, successful completion of projects and various others. But, the

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What Works in Hiring Faster & Better – An Experiment

An efficiently running hiring process in the company is all about selecting the best and sophisticated talent that can nurture your business to a great

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What does it take to attract investment in Technology?

Every business requires investment and the same applies to your tech firm as well as technology in particular. In modern times, everything is based on

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Data Matters : Strengthening Business – HR Association

HR function has transformed from administrative to specialist and strategic over the past decade. HR still relies on line managers to ensure employees are motivated,

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