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Digital Learning: Motivating Content For Your Intranet Every Day With Creative Social Intranet

Jun-2022   |   Tags: , ,

Workers may view a widget and a dedicated part on the intranet that automatically publishes fresh information every day. You are not required to take

What Is Microlearning: 8 Benefits Of eLearning For Businesses

Jun-2022   |   Tags: ,

Microlearning is the process of learning material in brief chunks. Learners usually focus on one brief topic at a time and for a short period ...

Make Enterprise Search a Success Factor for Intranets

Jun-2022   |   Tags: ,

While there may be disagreements over how to design and build the finest intranet, one thing is certain: if employees come and can't find what ...

Creative Social Intranet Envisions Focus On Employee Experience

May-2022   |   Tags: ,

Why has employee experience suddenly become the buzzword after years of talking about employee involvement, advocacy, and satisfaction? Covid was, without a doubt, the key

Employee Appreciation With Creative Rewards And Recognition On Intranet

May-2022   |   Tags: ,

Employee Appreciation Day is one of the many days on the modern workplace calendar, but are they anything more than a clever marketing tactic? People ...

7 Reasons Your Company Should Have Helpdesk Ticketing Software

Apr-2022   |   Tags: ,

For many federal, state, and local government entities, the help desk is the backbone of IT operations. In reality, because of its cross-functional character, the ......