42% of Employee Turnover is Still Preventable


Employee turnover is an issue that many organizations grapple with, often resulting in significant costs and disruptions. “Gallup’s latest research indicates that 42% of employee turnover is preventable”, yet this critical insight is frequently overlooked by organizations. As businesses face the highest self-reported turnover risk since 2015, addressing the root causes of voluntary departures becomes imperative. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various aspects of preventable employee turnover, analyze the data, and provide actionable strategies to enhance employee retention. The State of Employee Turnover According to Gallup’s May measure, half of U.S. employees are either actively seeking or 42% of Employee Turnover is Still Preventable

Intranet as a Service Market Insights 2024

In today’s fast-paced digital environment, companies are constantly looking for new methods to optimize their operations and boost employee involvement. Intranet as a Service (IaaS) has emerged as a popular solution, providing organizations with an affordable, scalable, and intuitive platform for managing internal communications and collaboration. This article will examine the current IaaS market, discuss the latest trends, review market data, and highlight the key players and industries utilizing this technology. “In 2024, the Intranet as a Service (IaaS) market is expected to be valued at approximately USD 16.07 billion. Projections indicate that the market could grow to USD 45.07 Intranet as a Service Market Insights 2024

86% of Employees Spend 16 Minutes a Day on the Company Intranet

Know where? The role of an intranet is crucial in providing swift access to information and enhancing internal communication. The significance of intranets in today’s work environment, particularly with the shift towards remote work and the increasing presence of Millennials and Gen Z in the workforce. “With the increase in demand for remote work, the need for efficient intranets is immense.” “A Gartner survey found that 74% of CFOs intend to make remote work a permanent option for some employees. This change, spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, highlights a significant transformation in work environments, with many organizations acknowledging the advantages 86% of Employees Spend 16 Minutes a Day on the Company Intranet

The Secret Sauce to High Morale


Ever noticed how some workplaces seem to be buzzing with energy and enthusiasm? The secret often lies in how they celebrate their hard-working employees. It is a challenging task to empower a strong company culture and prioritize employees for their effort but the secret sauce of organizational success lies in the people who build the company from top to bottom with their unwavering diligence. Imagine amplifying that feeling across the whole team! Recognizing one employee’s hard work each month can spark a fire in everyone else. Every corporate employee has seen the posters and frames of recognition as an employee The Secret Sauce to High Morale

Introducing AI Features in Social Intranet

In today’s dynamic work environment, to enhance productivity and streamline communication, businesses require constant innovation such as social intranets with AI-integrated features. A recent research paper by Researchgate highlights that “Organisations can transform their intranet from a simple information repository to a dynamic, interactive platform leveraging artificial intelligence which can foster collaboration and drive efficiency”. Social Intranets Evolution Social intranets which were just basic internal websites have come a long way from their origin. Social intranets, which offer several features such as instant messaging, forums, and collaborative workspaces now was initially designed to store and share documents. Enhancing Social Intranets Introducing AI Features in Social Intranet