Workplace Culture Top Barrier to Digital Transformation

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60% companies consider workplace culture top barrier to digital transformation Would you believe, less than 50% of the HR execs reported that their companies had a digital work plan in place at the enterprise. So the question of the hour is; are these companies equipped to solve the artificial intelligence (AI) and digital conundrum? Well,

How Blockchain Will Modify the Way We Live and Work

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Hacker Proof All the fields ranging from banking and secure communication to health care and ride sharing, block chain has huge impact on the future of market. Blockchain is backbone of a new type of internet which allows digital information to be distributed not copied. This technology enables distributed storage that holds immutable data in

Designing Employee Experience 2025: What You Need To Know About Digital Future

Digital workplace 2025

The way we communicate and organize our lives has been changed drastically in past couple of years. People are cruising on seamless platforms, hoping between apps to suit a particular need and provide relevant information. The world of work and designing of employee experience of future is directly impacted by political, economic, societal and particular

Developing logical and emotional connect

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Leaders, Management and Employees; why is Emotional Connect important between them Good leaders are those people who have clear vision and who can plan strategies to accomplish the goals to achieve that vision. Leaders or Managers display their skills while working in a team and hopefully their team is appreciative of all those skills. But