Monthly Archives: December 2018

Where does Creative Social Intranet fit into an enterprise’s Digital Workplace strategy?

Creative Social Intranet’s business logic is making the Intranet central to an enterprise’s Digital Workplace strategy for engaging a millennial heavy workforce.   Some of the important benefit our intranet solution are anytime anywhere access, 24X7 connectivity, remote working and document versioning which helps keep track of the entire life cycle of a digital project […]

Strategic Intranet Designs in 2019

An intranet isn’t a website. Employees don’t see intranet as a shopping portal. Employees don’t shop or try to be engaged on the intranet. They utilize the intranet far uniquely in contrast to they utilize the Internet. Employees come to intranet for some fast data. No employee goes to the intranet to “see what’s occurring” […]

Elevate Internal Communications With Intranet News

Give your employees the knowledge and brace to effectively do their jobs with efficient internal communications. Keep employees and subordinates up-to-date and informed of the plans and activities of your company by sharing news, articles and announcements.  Headline News and Announcements News and Announcements can be shared and made visible on intranet dashboard with their […]