Employee Automated On-Boarding Benefits & Checklist

Employee onboarding

Are Your Companies Onboarding System Effective? Do you really know what are the benefits of good employee automated onboarding program? Many HR professionals today think that the next few years will be a major task to retain talented and top-performing candidates. While it will be easy to match their perks and salary requirements, it will

6 ways for HR department to do less and achieve more

HR intranet

It’s 2018…….Wakeup people. It’s a fact, the competition to get a job is fiercer than ever before. Recruiting is not as black and white as it used to be. Earlier, people knew which where the best companies to work for and rest would fall in line. However these days, even the biggest companies are finding

Employee strategic recognition with Creative Social Intranet

Employee recognition tool

Employee Recognition Tool We understand what all it takes to build strategies that work towards making employee recognition as powerful within your organization. The four-step process, when followed the right way, can help redefine the employee experience within your organization and convert it into the unparalleled customer experience. Transform work into celebration by recognizing and

Importance of Online self-help human resource portal

Online self-help human resource portals

Easy-to-use and self-help HR resource portals are the first points of help to source for best practices and solutions to common HR challenges in an enterprise The online self helps human resource portal has multiple growth stages and functional areas. It covers various HR functional areas such as compensation and benefits, employee relations, learning and

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