Concepts Your Millennial Employees Wish You Understood


The Millennials Baby boomers are at present the largest generation of active employment. As per Gartner report, baby boomers distinguish their strengths as organizational memory, optimism, and their readiness to work long hours. The millennial employee generation grew up in enterprises with large corporate hierarchies, rather than flat management structures and teamwork-based job roles. Millennials

Peer to peer Employee Recognition & Rewards in Creative Social Intranet.


Introducing Peer to peer Employee Recognition & Rewards, Recommendations & Certifications in Creative Social Intranet. What is employee recognition? Employee recognition can be defined as timely, informal or formal appreciation of a person’s or team’s behavior, effort or business result that supports the organization’s goals and values. To be really productive in your job, you

Why use AI in HR ?

Custom Intranet Solutions

“Computerized reasoning – the term is both inspiring and bewildering. Nowadays, AI can likewise prompt superlative worker commitment.”   One of a kind capacity of people is the way you react and respond to innovative advances. Organizations need to move from customary methods of activities to the present day, inventive and innovation-oriented tasks, and clever

Will Mechanization Eat Into HR Employments?


Envision the entire HR group disassembled in your office. With expanding mechanization, manual work has been essentially supplanted by advanced programming and ERP frameworks. And, do you think the automated HR procedures will run smoothly without labor? Will it totally and absolutely supersede manual work?   There is no straight response to these inquiries.