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Intranet Employee Directories are a great Tool for Connecting Employees

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Rather than an old-fashioned paper directory, an online employee directory with photos, biographies, areas of expertise and current work projects allows employees to connect with each other and identify support and internal sources of knowledge using a self-service approach. Employee directories are a great tool for connecting employees and make it easier to collaborate on inter-departmental projects. Say, for example, that you are looking to set up a project team to improve the customer experience across the board, then an easily searchable online directory enables you to quickly identify colleagues in other teams with the relevant experience, knowledge and know-how to contribute ideas or become members of the working group.

The ability to source information directly for themselves is very empowering for staff members and helps to boost the overall levels of employee engagement within a company. In addition, employee directories help to break down that perennial problem of information silos within organizations. An employee directory means that every staff member can quickly and easily identify sources of information, data and knowledge in other departments.

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There’s no point in having an employee directory if it’s convoluted or difficult to use. Make it hard for staff to add information and it simply won’t get widely adopted and you’ll be wasting your investment. And so when selecting your software, make sure it’s intuitive to use and easy for staff to upload a photo and set up their profiles.

Search, communicate and collaborate with the right person in the organization you might not have met or considered worthy before. People directory is a complete data base of all users on the intranet along with their brief details such as contact info, designation, projects, achievements, availability, experiences and interests. So find that one person you need on board on the new assignment without needing the guess work on ‘who is good at what’ and get started together with only the right person.

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Advanced Employee Search Capability

An employee directory needs to also have an advanced search functionality so that staff members can quickly source personnel and key information. And so the user should be able to search by a name, position, team, area of expertise and current work project. And so within a few clicks of the mouse and a matter of seconds, a wealth of internal knowledge and information is presented to the user.

Creative Social intranet helps to quickly find the people who best fit your requirements based on expertise, skills, location, interests and more. Also use the keyword attribute to narrow down employees related to that keyword and locate the co-workers you need to get in touch with.

Fully Customizable

Every company is different and so ideally you will want employee directory software that is fully customizable and that you can adapt to make it your own, reflecting your unique identity. And so when selecting software, avoid the one-size-fits-all type solution and instead go for one that allows you to add fields that are important to you and represent who you are. In addition, a customizable directory will be capable of growing alongside your business. As things change, new enterprises are acquired or new markets developed, a customizable directory will ensure that you can mix things up and change things around to suit the constantly shifting dynamics of your business.

Along with this, Admins have control of managing what shows up on the profile page of all employees from the admin portal. This is a great way to standardize people directory in your company. Our intranet software can sync with the AD / LDAP and can provide auto-login for users pre-logged into AD / LDAP.

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