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Employee elearning programs

E-learning systems for enterprises

Make On boarding and Learning Fun for employees with Creative Social Intranet. We can help build impart an effective on boarding to new employees and ...
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Social gamification tool

Can Gamification help to increase workplace engagement?

Entering gamification in workplace? No! its not meant to turn work into a game. Its a concept of digital motivation through gaming promises to breathe ...
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Employee onboarding

Employee Automated On-Boarding Benefits & Checklist

Is Your Companies On-boarding System Effective? Do you really know what are the benefits of good employee automated on-boarding program? Many HR professionals today think ...
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HR intraner

6 ways for HR department to do less and achieve more

Its 2018…….Wakeup people. It’s a fact, the competition to get job is fiercer than ever before. Recruiting is not as black and white as it ...
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Employee recognition tool

Employee strategic recognition with Creative Social Intranet

Employee recognition tool We understand what all it takes to build strategies that work towards making employee recognition as powerful within your organization. The four-step ...
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Online self-help human resource portals

Importance of Online self-help human resource portal

Easy-to-use and self-help HR resource portals are the first point of help to source for best practices and solutions to common HR challenges in an ...
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Significance of Corporate Communication Software

We understand the deep-rooted and outstanding benefits of workplace collaboration that help drive measurable business outcomes. Few of our Corporate Communication features in Social Intranet ...
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Principles of Intelligent Automation in Action

Automation and Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing in the field of technology these days. Everyone likes to automate things, and while this might ...
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Operating Model for the Next Gen People Function

Bringing certain changes within the business organisation is necessary to be on a path developmental as well as operational change. In order to fulfil, ever evolving customer’s ...
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The Future of Work Human Innovations Or System Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is penetrating every major industry from healthcare to advertising and from transportation to finance as well as legal and education, and now it ...
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