Employee Directory

The Social Employee Directory On Your Corporate Intranet

Employee Directory in Creative Social Intranet is designed and developed to be used in company intranet to improve internal and external communication. Putting spotlight on …
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Employee Engagement

Employee engagement tips and benefits

Employee Engagement: The Key to Improve Performance Employee engagement is all about how we create the conditions in which employees offer more of their capability …
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Millenial employee engagement portal

Various Level of Employee Engagement Across the Generations

A lot can be said about the various generations that make up the human capital, but very few organisations can concretely differentiate between these generations …
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Employee Quiz Intranet

Engage Employees and Reinforce Training with Quizzes in Intranet

Gauge employee satisfaction level, assess E-learning, Create fun and competitive environment between different teams and regions and motivate employees with quiz module in Creative Social …
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Emotional intelligence software

Encouraging Emotions at work

A real life expereince of Mr Sony Surana, MD for Creative Web Mall (India) Pvt. Ltd., curator of Creative Social Intranet. How emotional intelligence is …
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Man Versus Machine

So will machines really supplant people later on? It was in 1997, when Deep Blue, IBM’s supercomputer, crushed Gary Kasparov, the prevailing scene Is a …
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Employee engagement portal for millenials

Concepts Your Millennial Employees Wish You Understood

The Millennials Baby boomers are at present the largest generation of active employment. As per Gartner report baby boomers distinguish their strengths as organizational memory, …
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Peer to peer Employee Recognition & Rewards in Creative Social Intranet.

Introducing Peer to peer Employee Recognition & Rewards, Recommendations & Certifications in Creative Social Intranet. What is employee recognition? Employee recognition can be defined as …
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Why use AI in HR ?

“Computerized reasoning – the term is both inspiring and bewildering. Nowadays, AI can likewise prompt superlative worker commitment. One of a kind capacity of people …
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Will Mechanization Eat Into HR Employments?

Envision the entire HR group disassembled in your office. With expanding mechanization, manual work has been essentially supplanted by advanced programming, and ERP frameworks. And, …
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